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General information about Magnetic Resonance Imaging / MRI examination

What is a Magnetic Resonance Tomography / MRI examination?

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging / MRI examination is a diagnostic method used to create sectional images without the use of X-rays. The technology is based on powerful magnetic fields and alternating electromagnetic fields within radio waves.

Ideal for evaluating soft tissue structures of the body: Especially noteworthy are the brain, spinal discs, joints, blood vessels and abdominal organs.


The process of an MRI examination

During the procedure, the patient lies inside a tube-shaped tunnel with wide openings at the head and the feet. For some examinations (e.g. knee) the patient will remain almost entirely outside of the tube.

The average duration of the examination is 10-20 minutes. During abdominal examinations, you will be asked to repeatedly hold your breath for a short moment. Loud knocking sounds may be produced during the examination, which is why headphones are available for the patients. Persons fitted with a pacemaker may not undergo an MRT examination.

Contrast agent: For certain examinations it is necessary to inject a contrast agent via a vein in the arm. The administered contrast agent is free of iodine. Therefore, common iodine allergies are irrelevant for MRT examinations.

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